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Rescape AI: Your Garden Design App for a Dream Wildlife Sanctuary

In recent times, the charm of wildlife-friendly gardens has captured the imagination of suburban dwellers across the UK. This growing movement marries a love for tranquil and beautiful green spaces with an earnest effort to nurture local nature.

The real task is finding just the right mix: Gardens that please our eyes while also inviting all sorts of local birds, mammals, and insects.

That's where Rescape AI steps in, a garden design app aimed at marrying aesthetic grace with ecological hospitality.

Thanks to its advanced AI, Rescape AI gives homeowners the power to craft garden landscapes that catch every visitor's gaze and provide a sanctuary for creatures big and small, making sure your slice of nature buzzes with life through all seasons.

Your garden

Designed with AI

The Dream of a Wildlife-Friendly Garden

Meet Sarah, who pictures her typical suburban yard blooming into a beautiful retreat alive with nature's charm.

She imagines waking to birdsong, watching bees buzz among flowers by day, and spotting hedgehogs at twilight. Such a garden isn't just pretty; it breathes life into the local environment and supports diverse creatures, aiding pollination naturally and warding off pests without chemicals.

Sarah is on board but wonders if such an oasis is achievable amid suburbia’s hustle.

The trick lies in plant choices: think lavender for buzzing bees or foxgloves that butterflies love; bushes dotted with berries to feed the birds; shrubs offering shelter for small wanderers like hedgehogs.

Yet blending these picks so they attract wildlife year-round and look good doing it is where Sarah hits a snag.

Without expert know-how about crafting modern gardens or nurturing plants that invite friendly critters over seasons, this vision remains just out of reach.

This common dilemma underscores the need for a tool that bridges the gap between aspiration and reality, guiding homeowners in creating spaces where nature and beauty coexist seamlessly.

How Rescape AI Comes to the Rescue

Rescape AI is the perfect solution for garden enthusiasts like Sarah, who's keen to craft an outdoor space that invites nature in while keeping it chic.


Smart Garden Designs

Rescape AI uses an AI-powered image generator to bring your green fantasies to life with professional design proposals.

Just upload a photo and watch as ideas bloom into customised plans that not only look good but also welcome birds and bees alike—thanks to AI providing high-quality, lifelike suggestions blending beauty with practicality.

Real Visual Representation

The Rescape AI offers more than mere visual representations of your garden. It harnesses the power of AI to suggest professional landscaping choices, ensuring your garden not only looks good but also supports wildlife all year round.

With the garden design app you're equipped with expertly designed garden layouts that are both beautiful and functional, making your outdoor space a thriving habitat for nature's visitors in every season.

Creative Design Exploration

What really makes Rescape AI stand out is its embrace of creative freedom. You get infinite tries at reimagining one single photograph until everything clicks into place. This encourages homeowners to tweak designs without limits until they capture their ideal mix where natural allure meets sleek landscaping finesse.

With tools like Rescape AI at our fingertips, creating gardens that are both stunningly modern yet teeming with local birds, squirrels, and bees isn't just wishful thinking anymore.

Creating Your Wildlife Garden with Rescape AI - Tips and Tricks

Starting your journey to craft a wildlife-friendly garden with a garden design app like Rescape AI is both thrilling and user-friendly. Use this robust tool to shape an outdoor area that dazzles the eyes and welcomes local fauna.

How-to Guide for Rescape AI

  1. Photograph Your Space: Snap crisp, well-lit photos of your garden area—your privacy is valued here; those shots stay yours.
  2. Upload with Details: Send pictures to Rescape AI, picking from the menu what you envision for your space's style. If needed, describe specifics like "a bird bath in the middle of the yard," or mention your goal of attracting specific wildlife.
  3. Explore and Refine: Rescape AI will generate thousands of variations, allowing you to explore different designs. Use these as inspiration to refine your vision, focusing on elements that enhance both aesthetics and wildlife attraction.

Planning a Variety-Filled Retreat for Animals

Rescape AI pieces together habitats live-in ready for critters large and small alike. From layout mapping down to optimal plant picks, with visually stunning results fusing practicality alongside beauty all guided by tech-savvy smarts at your fingertips.

Embracing Nature's Symphony in Your Backyard with Rescape AI

Just because you don't live in the countryside doesn't mean your backyard can't be a haven for local wildlife. And with Rescape AI, lacking a landscaper's expertise is no barrier to crafting your own urban oasis.

Unlock the door to a world where beauty intertwines with nature—start designing your wildlife sanctuary today with Rescape.


Frequently asked questions.

What level of customisation is available for the generated designs?

Users have the flexibility to select their preferred style and specific features. Additionally, the app accepts custom input for detailed instructions, allowing for a more personalized approach. A unique feature is the ability to paint a mask over areas in the image that users wish to preserve, such as existing garden elements or structures.

Can the app integrate existing features into the design?

Yes, the app can seamlessly integrate existing garden features into the new design. Users can utilize the masking tool to paint over any area of the image they wish to preserve. The mask ensures that these features are not altered during the design process.

Are there any in app purchases or subscription fees required?

Users can choose to buy credits for generating images, and subscribing to the service offers discounts on generated images. One credit generates one image.