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At rescape ai you can generate images based on your outdoor space in seconds. This is why hundreds of people have already used us to create realistic variations of their outdoor space

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AI garden design gives you the ability to generate variations of your actual outdoor space. The tool accepts an image of your garden or landscaping project and based on a selections and text prompts will redesign that outdoor space in seconds.

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AI garden design is easy. You can quickly create variations just by uploading an image. Our website is designed so that anyone can experiment with AI.

Small garden

Small gardens have unique requirements that require specific ideas like vertical planters, compact planters and intimate seating areas.

Urban garden

Urban gardens can utilise vertical planters or noise reducing plants to create a tranquil environment in the biggest of cities.

Wildlife garden

Water features for wildlife and pollinator friendly plants create a hospitable environment for wildlife. Using this setting will give you ideas for how you can attract wildlife to your space.

Mediterranean garden

From stone pathways and terracotta tiles to lavender plants and olive trees, terracotta pots and shaded outdoor seating areas. The fine tuned model will transform your outdoor space to this style.

Japanese garden

Fancy a zen paradise to relax and host within? Japanese garden design partly inspired by Buddhist philosophies. Spending time in a Japanese garden can have relaxing effects.

Formal garden

Bring order and balance to your garden with symmetrical layouts that follow traditional aesthetics, probably one of the classiest gardens you can design.

Contemporary garden

Modern, slick and clean. Contemporary garden design incorporates features like smart lighting and abstract plant groupings that expresses calm and serenity.

Cottage garden

Drive or walk in the English countryside and you will be sure to pass a cottage garden. Flowers, herbs and even vegetables are rooted between cozy seating for a rustic and casual charm with deep feelings of abundance.

English garden

English gardens offer idealized views of the natural world. Created by William Kent.

Tropical garden

Luscious and bountiful, tropical gardens are inspired from natural landscapes in the tropics. Ferns and palms are often used to create a little getaway in any part of the world.

Roof garden

Grass is underrated. The roof garden of many inner city areas can utilise container gardening and outdoor seating to create a literal paradise in the sky.

Balcony garden

Most often balconies are neglected and specific style can be generated by our fine tuned model, with bohemian, modern or bistro styles can be chosen for great variety with this model.

Shade garden

Shelter from the elements can be created with trees for shade and structures for filtering sunlight. Often paired with cosy outdoor seating, a shade garden is a very relaxing place to unwind.

How does it work?

Start with a simple photo of your garden.

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Upload it and specify the style you would like to see.

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Rescape AI will now generate a beautiful garden plan for you.

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Be inspired by generative AI.

A high quality design idea.

High quality, professional gardening and landscaping ideas, in seconds.

Rescape AI's generator creates appealing landscape design for you. In seconds you can utilise it experiment with new styles for your garden.

The same photo can be used again and again to design your garden.

Outdoor space garden planner.

Design your garden with cutting edge AI. The Rescape AI garden generator can be used as a garden planner or a tool to design your garden. Take inspiration from the generated images to style in ways that only a professional could imagine.

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Rescape AI serves as a versatile garden planner, inspiring you with professional design ideas imagined by AI. Enjoy a free plan, forever and explore the endless possibilities for your garden. Join Rescape AI now and embark on a journey of creative garden transformation!

Our AI garden generator not only crafts high-quality designs in seconds but also acts as a perpetual source of inspiration. Experiment with styles only professionals could imagine, using the same photo repeatedly for endless possibilities.

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